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Eureka Zenith Neo Automatic (65mm Blade) | Coffee Grinder Machine

Eureka Zenith Neo Automatic (65mm Blade) | Coffee Grinder Machine

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Commercial Use

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Eureka Zenith Neo Specifications

  • Type - Flat
  • Diameter - 65 mm
  • Material - Hardened steel
  • Display - Yes 
  • Dose counter - Yes
  • Adjustable chute - Yes
  • Spotlight on filter holder - Yes
  • Traction - Direct
  • Rpm - 1370
  • Power absorbed - 280 watt
  • Feeding - Single phase
  • Available versions - Electronic
  • Stepless micrometric adjustment - Yes
  • Bean hopper capacity - 1.2 kg
  • Productivity (g/s) - 2.8 - 3.8
  • Height - 559 mm
  • Width - 232 mm
  • Depth - 264 mm
  • Weight - 12 kg


    Eureka Zenith Neo Description

    The moment in which you pull the perfect shot of espresso is typically accompanied by an exclamation of happiness. Our favorite? Eureka (often with a high-five, followed by three more shots of espresso)! Here to help make that perfect shot a reality, the Eureka Zenith Neo 65 has a long list of features and high-end grinding credentials that make it a perfect fit for a professional coffee bar or high-end home. It features two programmable dosing options and large 65mm burrs with a micrometrical - yes, that's a word! - grind adjustment for a quick and accurate grind quality. The Zenith Neo 65 E allows for custom adjustment of both the portafilter angle and the dispensing spout for the perfect portafilter fill, both of which are convenient features not found on many other grinders. The Zenith also includes a new anti-clumping device that assures a virtually clump-free grind.

    • SKILL LEVEL - Expert
    • PROGRAMMING - Programmable
    • GRINDER TYPE - Espresso
    • GRIND SETTINGS - Stepless


    The Zenith’s 65mm flat burrs are made of hardened steel and are designed to grind up to 3.5kg of coffee per day, and the ability to change the time for the single and double dose buttons makes it easy to set the dose and keep the coffee-making process moving.

    The Zenith is engineered for high consistency when grinding. Eureka’s ACE (Anti-Clumps & Electrostaticity) System is also a part of this grinder, so there’s reduced static electricity from the machine and the coffee comes out fluffy and ready for brewing. When multiple shots worth of coffee are ground in a row, you’ll see very little difference in the amount of coffee ground out as well.

    Other features that make this grinder convenient for your commercial space include the adjustable chute, the spotlight, and the removable and adjustable portafilter holder. This means that you can make sure the chute is angled just right for whatever you’re grinding your coffee into, whether it’s a portafilter or a dosing cup to pour into a coffee maker. The spotlight will help you see how much coffee is in the basket as well as where it’s landing. The adjustable portafilter holder will help you keep your portafilter in the perfect position whether you’re using a smaller basket for single shots or a larger one for double shots. You can also use the portafilter book to grind your coffee completely hands free. These features help you make sure that your grinder isn’t slowing down the brewing process so you can get coffee to your customers (or just to yourself) as efficiently and easily as possible.

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