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Dr. Coffee maintains CRM system, which helps us gain market insights. By analyzing the features and demands of different markets, we deliver the most-needed SKUs by tailoring R&D and marketing to customer needs.    

In the meantime we adopt strict QA standards, conduct thorough potential failure analysis and apply meticulous test conditions and principles.

With product development, we meticulously verify reliability of proposed innovations to make sure of originality and practicality. Design for manufacturing is an indispensable link of our process, which serves for stable, consistent output of high quality products.


Quality guarantee from the very beginning

Quality guarantee from the very beginning

Molds are machines used to manufacture machines, hence their quality determines the quality of components and finished products to a great extent. High QA standards and extensive experience in mold design as well as precision manufacturing are the guarantee for delivering consistent, high precision products.



All-rounded tests

all round test

With well-equipped laboratories, meticulous test standards, impeccable work ethics and effective execution, Dr. Coffee makes sure that the products are tested with tough conditions and pass comprehensive assessments, which include safety tests (electrical safety and food safety), functional tests, functional environment tests, reliability tests, endurance tests, etc.



Continuously optimized production management

Continuously optimized production management

Orderly workshop, lean production management plus digital management system lay a solid foundation for Dr. Coffee’s high efficiency and quality.



Dr. Coffee’s product and services now cover

60+ countries and regions

60 over countries product distribution