About Us

At Caffeine Pro, each day starts with a great cup of coffee with clients, friends, co-workers... As great coffee should be experienced - not rushed! Our company was founded since 2015. With prior experience of 20 years in the café scene, we have come a long way in understanding market needs and grow based on a passion to deliver great service rooted on integrity, honesty and transparency. We transcend from just being a coffee beans and machine provider. Our team are passionate and focused on being a holistic solution provider and guide our clientele along the way of their coffee journey.


Roasted coffee bean and powder with a cup of fragrance coffee


We roast our coffee beans in house with the creation of our own blend. We do not compromise on our quality and we ensure we perform batch testing to ensure our customers are getting consistent, reliable and great tasting coffee every single time. We believe great coffee should be enjoyed anywhere.


coffee beans in house with the creation of our own blend


At Caffeine Pro, we carry a wide range of machines to suit your business needs. Be it households, offices, boutiques, or the commercial environment, we have the right solution for you. Our promise to our customers are quality, reliability and responsiveness with their best interest in mind. Let’s chat over coffee!